Time in Finland:
TV-SERIES 02.10.2016

Mr. Robot

I stumbled upon some articles claiming Mr. Robot could be a good TV series to watch. So I check first if it’s available at the library, and it was. So I reserved it and picked up later when it arrived.

LUE KOKONAAN (2.765 min)
GAME 24.09.2016


A game without guns and without huge arrow pointing where to go next – seems promising. Along that Soma has story set in dark science fiction world, which makes the offer even better.

LUE KOKONAAN (2.47 min)
MOVIE 17.04.2016

Terminator Genisys

I was in the airplane coming back to home and watching Terminator Genisys with rather loud environment. The small screen had cut off ratio in the picture and there was no subtitles. It was like watching movie with no sounds what so ever. Maybe I did miss something about the movie, maybe something crucial.

LUE KOKONAAN (1.28 min)
BOOK 12.04.2013

Chasm City

House of Suns from Alastair Reynolds was good enough to grab Chasm City next from library's shelf. Back cover told that this is part of bigger universe called Revelation Space, but also works as standalone book.

LUE KOKONAAN (1.71 min)
BOOK 04.04.2013

Revelation Space - saga

Some time ago I read House of Suns from Alastair Reynolds and liked it quite a lot. So when I noticed Chasm City around local library I decided to read it and after that I decided to read the whole Revelation Space saga. I still have one short story unread: Monkey Suit.

LUE KOKONAAN (5.565 min)
MOVIE 29.03.2013

He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not

He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not – À La Folie... Pas Du Tout (2002) deals with essence of love from two different perspectives. I've always wanted more stories with take on multiple viewpoints and this movie does it quite well. Sometimes the events are quite distressing and yet sometimes tragicomic.

LUE KOKONAAN (1.22 min)
MOVIE 18.02.2013

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Seems every Disney movie I see means a lot of trailers and way too many annoying advertisements. Lucky most of those can be skipped. I really do not understand why they punish buying customers like this. Maybe they really want people to visit more often in harbors. Trailers belong to their own menu item so customers can view it if they really want to.

LUE KOKONAAN (1.96 min)
MOVIE 23.01.2013

Pathology (2008)

Damn, who produces this kind of crap?

LUE KOKONAAN (1.315 min)
MOVIE 10.01.2013

The Grudge 2

What an awfully bad movie and even worse horror movie. I did like the structure of movie which was following different locations and persons, anyway that's pretty much only good thing to say.

LUE KOKONAAN (0.7 min)
MOVIE 07.01.2013


After promising start the movie turns out to be quite shitty.

LUE KOKONAAN (1.305 min)
MOVIE 03.01.2013

My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done

David Lynch presents and Werner Herzog directs story, which is rather sad story about Brad McCullum's tragic life.

LUE KOKONAAN (1.78 min)
Neon Droid: Neon​-​Dioxide

From Revenge of Sunset - 2016 (EP) by The Neon Droid

GO (3:57 mins)
Ecstasy Boulevard

Ecstasy Boulevard - Director Benjamin Allen - Producer Ricardo Quinones When an illegal alien lands his spacecraft on Earth, the assassin known as Kn1ght powers up to hunt the reptile down.

GO (5:21 mins)
Color TV, No Vacancy

Four stories, one motel. A dream you may have forgotten.

GO (11 mins)
Temple - A Cyberpunk Thriller

2045 A.D. A new genetic disease is causing humans to reject their own organs. Cybernetic enhancements are the only means to survive. One desperate man is forced to steal cybernetic implants to save an innocent life. A film by Nguyen-Anh Nguyen

GO (9 mins)
Monolake - Mass Transit Railway

LP : Hong Kong CDR-04 (1997). Written & Produced By Robert Henke And Gerhard Behles. HQ Audio.

GO (7:16 mins)
The greatest game you will ever play

The only thing heavier than the air in this place is the pack on your back. You haven't eaten in days, and you can't remember when you last saw the sun. You think about your faithful little dog who joined you on your journey to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor.

2814 - 新しい日の誕生

A collaboration between Vaporwave producers Hong Kong Express and t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者, 2814 is a project that creates cyberpunk-esque, dystopian yet psychedelic and relaxing ambient soundscapes. Drifting off into a daydream is hard to avoid as each track flawlessly flows into another, each with its own unique atmosphere.

GO (58 mins)
G.U.T.S - Fly Out

兄弟本色同名專輯"FLY OUT" 第四首歌"凡人" *純供欣賞 無商業用途 作詞:兄弟本色G.U.T.S、呆寶靜 Double J、李宗盛 作曲:兄弟本色G.U.T.S、呆寶靜 Double J、李宗盛

GO (3:24 mins)
Dream Catalogue Artist Compilation - The Eternal Dream System

The Eternal Dream System is a massive collaboration between 73 different artists who are all signed to the well-known Vaporwave label, Dream Catalogue. Each artist contributed a single track to the compilation and managed to make them all flow neatly together into one giant, nearly-four-hour journey through glistening, futuristic, ethereal and, at the same time, dystopian dreamscapes. This showcase of immense talent from this still-relatively-new genre (particularly from this label), featuring prominent artists like t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者, is quite possibly one of the best examples of just how evocative and beautiful Vaporwave can truly be.

GO (4 hours)
Chinese Man - Racing with the Sun

GO (4:09 mins)
True Skin

Written & Directed by: Stephan Zlotescu
Director of Photography: H1
Original Music: J-Punch
Producer: H1 & Christopher Sewall
Manager: Scott Glassgold / Ground Control LA

GO (6:12 mins)

GO (25 sec)
Aïsha Devi "Mazdâ"

High-pitched, candy-coated vocals, shimmering synth lines and heart-thumping bass are stitched over images of near-naked people wearing rubber masks, drooling at each other and munching on the carcass of a raw chicken in this completely off-the-wall music video for Aïsha Devi’s electro masterpiece “Mazdâ”. If the video, which was directed by Chinese artist Tianzhuo Chen, feels overwhelming, then that might be because it’s so heavy with reference points that they all eventually bleed into one multi-coloured, iconoclastic creation. With symbols such as third eyes, the shiva symbol, swastikas (a sign that was used universally before it was hijacked by the Nazis) and Sadhu ritualism, it can be hard to keep up. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to. We speak to Aïsha Devi so she can tell us more.

GO (5:34 mins)
Dizzy Dizzo - 02 feat: MJ116

Imperial Taels 金銀帝國 Presents 02 by Dizzy Dizzo 蔡詩芸 Feat. MJ116 頑童 「02」也是台北區碼 Written by: MJ116/Flightsch/Dizzy Dizzo Lyrics: Luke "B.T" Tsui/MJ116/Flightsch/Dizzy Dizzo Produced by Flightsch Directed by Ares Wu

GO (4:01 mins)
I MONSTER - Daydream In Blue

GO (3:40 mins)
Iran's blogfather: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are killing the web

Hossein Derakhshan was imprisoned by the regime for his blogging. On his release, he found the internet stripped of its power to change the world and instead serving up a stream of pointless social trivia

Neon Indian - Slumlord Rising & WeTransfer are proud to present "Slumlord Rising"

GO (8:31 mins)
Soul Mekanik - Never Touch That Switch

label: Rip Records released: 28 Mar 2005 Country: UK

GO (4:08 mins)