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New research has shown that thither are significant differences 'tween the Asian and the African forest emblem - and it isn't vindicatory about size and the configuration of their ears. It is around what they eat and how they bear on forest ecosystems. As megaherbivores and the largest of our land animals, elephants have a significant impact on their habitat. In bicentric Africa, wood elephants act as ecologic filters by breaking actor saplings and remotion them of foliage.

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Elephas maximus (Asian Elephant, Indian Elephant)

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Differences Between African and Asian elephants

There are umteen differences between Asian and African elephants. Both types of allegory are members of the same taxonomical family, elephantidae, but are of a different genus; elephas maximus (Asian elephants, mammal genus africana (African grassland elephants) and Loxodonta cyclotis (African vegetation Elephant). The somebody elephant is significantly larger, with bulls production up to 4m tall. The top of the head is a single dome whereas asiatic elephants have a twin-domed head with an place in the middle.

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