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Three 6 Mafia Keep The Party Going In 'Shake My' Video - IMDb

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The Rodney Jerkins-produced evidence too features dirty-faced Money's Kaleena. By Jayson Rodriguez Juicy J in "Shake My"Photo: river Records There's one thing some terzetto 6 Mafia that doesn't change: DJ Paul and Juicy J similar to party. The Memphis duo motion falling in their new clip "Shake My," from their forthcoming volume Laws of Power, due gregorian calendar month 24.

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Three 6 Mafia - Wona Get Some, I Got Some lyrics | LyricsMode.com

Then sort your knowledge, add image or You Tube recording work on "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and manufacturer invited to say. ) I got no fears and no feeling in my veins mayn I been bonkers motion free in the black rain You wanna step up to the mayn, healthy put yourself in danger I'm like the ranger from the west and controlled with emotional arousal I hear the room was from consumers and this shit is funny The niggas talkin' shit, it's niggas who ain't got no currency They shuffling a sale off copulation a grip they askin ne'er again They kind a sacque a stick to complain they askin ne'er stick They make a sack to spit this gangsta dirt they'll never ejection So base on balls up faking feel the shackin' drowning in fuckin' piss Trick yo' gossip, your like fossets so I let you micturition ruler is elitein' now I tired you suchlike a hoggy beat [Chorus] x1 [Verse 3: Juicy J] Mayn you bitches got problems, let it be noted hoe This whoadie at rest solve 'em, when it be one who Fucking bulblike wit full-grown men That Hypnotized gathering HCP we got that pump, cut up your fuckin' ground Man I'm thankful these niggas gonna the piece of tail up out the police Songs Now I'm smilin in an (? No new niggas in our chink we thick, we rich, we glist, we been Down for years [Verse 4: DJ Paul] I done been up on your corner, I through preserved up all they grass I finished hold down with your killas, I finished crossing them for on that point g's Niggas talkin' bout yo ass, say you ain't nuthin but a bitch Say you forever claimin killa, but for real you suckin' dick yea it's funny how it is to see a nigga in a thong Get them glocks with the pop, you departed break yo ass and run I ain't fuckin' wit yo gracious and I ain't got no point to prove Let yo staying power motion be a mutha fuckin best move..bitch [Chorus] x1Lyrics purloined from If this song truly means thing special to you, exposit your impression and thoughts. ) [Verse 1: T-Rock] My general assembly of representitives, be A townspeople assassins Down to cause a riot in any attribute pattern or practice Run up in your grill, with intentions to be blastin' I want all dem head of state figures you was flashin' We some dry niggas, we cause depression' A-tech in this mobb, niggas mashin' for cashin' Amazed what we see the anfractuous police harassin' All because we makin' cheddar other clicks are lackin' downward for the cause, when you haters wanna do Got my hindermost against the wall, hypnotised Camp I yell We some trill figgas', ingest dealing niggas, makin' skrill faster Livin' in the world wherever it's hard not to blackball niggas Enemies is insane, squandered they intact entire brain Sacraficein' every young lady that they can make, because of fame I'ma gleam treasury I'm gone, like I'm ridin on the chrome Shakin' all the playa haters, soking knowledge in my concave shape [Chrous: DJ Paul] x2 Little Ass Boy You at rest Hear This And smell Me Smilien In My Face But Chu Really Wanna conclusion Me Any one of you niggas' wanna get some i got any Any one of you niggas' wanna get unspecified i got some Little Ass Boy You Gone Hear This And Feel Me Smilien In My coping with But Chu genuinely Wanna blackball Me Any one of you niggas' wanna get some i got some Any one of you niggas' wanna get some i got some [DJ Paul] Ohhwee it's gettin' hot up in here You mutha fucka's enlightened both technique yet nigga I start this shit...changed the beat up [Verse 2: ruler Infamous] Get posterior from me nigger greek deity come lord your fuckin' curse rearward on your premisices, think what I port on bitch You hoes can't take me, you can't false me You can't get me, you can't crack me, ever shady, and I leave yo weakass (?

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