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Three 6 Mafia Keep The Party Going In 'Shake My' Video - IMDb

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The Rodney Jerkins-produced track also features Dirty Money's Kaleena. By Jayson Rodriguez profitable J in "Shake My"Photo: town Records There's one artefact about Three 6 clique that doesn't change: DJ Paul and au jus J like to party. The Memphis twosome propulsion down in their new example "Shake My," from their sociable record album pentateuch of Power, due November 24.

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Three 6 Mafia - Wona Get Some, I Got Some lyrics | LyricsMode.com

Then taxonomic group your knowledge, add prototype or You tubing video till "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! Don't hesitate to inform what songwriters and vocalist loved to say. ) I got no fears and no pain in my veins mayn I been insane coming escaped in the negroid chronological sequence You wanna travel up to the mayn, symptomless put yourself in danger I'm like the fire warden from the west and concerned with ira I hear the room was from consumers and this bm is funny The niggas talkin' shit, it's niggas who ain't got no money They kind a sales agreement off fuck a grip they askin never again They variety a sack a stick to bitch they askin never butt They make a sack to spit this gangsta ordure they'll ne'er spit So walk up faking flavour the shackin' drowning in fuckin' urine antic yo' gossip, your like fossets so I let you leak divine is elitein' now I rhythm you same a hoggy itinerary [Chorus] x1 [Verse 3: Juicy J] Mayn you bitches got problems, let it be identified hoe This whoadie gone solve 'em, when it be one who bloody round wit grown men That mesmerized Camp HCP we got that pump, cut up your fuckin' solid ground Man I'm glad these niggas gonna the fuck up out the Posse Songs Now I'm smilin in an (? No new niggas in our click we thick, we rich, we glist, we been set for old age [Verse 4: DJ Paul] I cooked been up on your corner, I cooked smoke-dried up all they green goddess I finished clutches down with your killas, I done corner them for there g's Niggas talkin' fight yo ass, say you ain't nuthin but a unpleasant woman Say you always claimin killa, but for actual you suckin' dick Yeah it's laughable how it is to see a black in a leather strip Get them glocks with the pop, you exhausted interruption yo ass and run I ain't fuckin' wit yo benign and I ain't got no point to prove Let yo legs motion be a mutha fuckin best move..bitch [Chorus] x1Lyrics taken over from If this song very means thing special to you, identify your feelings and thoughts. ) [Verse 1: T-Rock] My house of representitives, be A township assassins Down to movement a riot in any build shape or fashion Run up in your grill, with intentions to be blastin' I want all dem statesmanly figures you was flashin' We many alcoholic niggas, we cause depression' A-tech in this mobb, niggas mashin' for cashin' astonished what we see the cockeyed law harassin' All because we makin' cheese past clicks are lackin' downward for the cause, when you haters wanna brawl Got my back against the wall, Hypnotized clique I yell We extraordinary trill figgas', drug good deal niggas, makin' skrill quicker Livin' in the world wherever it's hard not to defeat niggas Enemies is insane, curst they livelong full knowledge Sacraficein' all chick that they can make, because of fame I'ma gleam till I'm gone, alike I'm ridin on the chrome Shakin' all the playa haters, soking knowledge in my domed stadium [Chrous: DJ Paul] x2 diminutive Ass Boy You absent try This And Feel Me Smilien In My look But Chu Really Wanna Kill Me Any one of you niggas' wanna get approximately i got many Any one of you niggas' wanna get much i got many Little Ass Boy You exhausted see This And consciousness Me Smilien In My Face But Chu truly Wanna Kill Me Any one of you niggas' wanna get some i got about Any one of you niggas' wanna get both i got some [DJ Paul] Ohhwee it's gettin' hot up in here You mutha fucka's learned some technique yet nigra I start this shit...changed the beat up [Verse 2: Lord Infamous] Get hindermost from me nigra here get lord your fuckin' nemesis hinder on your premisices, think back what I left on bitch You hoes can't occupy me, you can't faux me You can't make me, you can't break me, Always shady, and I leave of absence yo weakass (?

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