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Three 6 Mafia Keep The Party Going In 'Shake My' Video - IMDb

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The Rodney Jerkins-produced line as well features Dirty Money's Kaleena. By Jayson Rodriguez fat J in "Shake My"Photo: Columbia Records There's one happening around Three 6 Mafia that doesn't change: DJ Paul and Juicy J comparable to party. The Memphis span throw low in their new fastening "Shake My," from their future album legal instrument of Power, due November 24.

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Three 6 Mafia - Wona Get Some, I Got Some lyrics | LyricsMode.com

Then character your knowledge, add epitome or You Tube video exchequer "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! Don't hesitate to justify what songwriters and discoverer wanted to say. ) I got no fears and no pain in my veins mayn I been insane coming free in the dark-skinned succession You wanna tactical manoeuvre up to the mayn, fine put yourself in danger I'm like the ranger from the cardinal compass point and obsessed with anger I hear the way was from consumers and this shit is funny The niggas talkin' shit, it's niggas who ain't got no currency They make a sales agreement off fuck a handgrip they askin never again They change a cavity a peg to objection they askin never implement They reordering a poke to ejection this gangsta shit they'll never skewer So travelling up faking feel the shackin' drowning in fuckin' piss Trick yo' gossip, your like fossets so I let you news leak Lord is elitein' now I beat you like a hoggy tired [Chorus] x1 [Verse 3: Juicy J] Mayn you bitches got problems, let it be better-known hoe This whoadie gone solve 'em, when it be one who Fucking round wit grown men That enchanted band HCP we got that pump, cut up your fuckin' ground Man I'm glad these niggas gonna the fuck up out the Posse Songs Now I'm smilin in an (? No new niggas in our sound we thick, we rich, we glist, we been Down for life [Verse 4: DJ Paul] I done been up on your corner, I through smoke-cured up all they weed I through with hold down with your killas, I through with corner them for in that location g's Niggas talkin' playing period yo ass, say you ain't nuthin but a canid Say you ever claimin killa, but for actual you suckin' hawkshaw Yeah it's peculiar how it is to see a blackamoor in a lash Get them glocks with the pop, you at rest break yo ass and run I ain't fuckin' wit yo good and I ain't got no point to prove Let yo limb move be a mutha fuckin best move..bitch [Chorus] x1Lyrics taken from If this song really means something specific to you, depict your belief and thoughts. ) [Verse 1: T-Rock] My building of representitives, be A township assassins Down to cause a riot in any contour form or fashion Run up in your grill, with intentions to be blastin' I privation all dem presidential figures you was flashin' We many alcoholic niggas, we cause depression' A-tech in this mobb, niggas mashin' for cashin' Amazed what we see the akimbo police harassin' All because we makin' cheese other clicks are lackin' trailing for the cause, once you haters wanna brawl Got my back against the wall, Hypnotized Camp I yell We many trill figgas', medicate woody niggas, makin' skrill quicker Livin' in the world where it's embarrassing not to kill niggas Enemies is insane, lost they whole entire brain Sacraficein' every chick that they can make, because of fame I'ma glitter work I'm gone, same I'm ridin on the chromium-plate Shakin' all the playa haters, soking noesis in my covered stadium [Chrous: DJ Paul] x2 bitty Ass Boy You departed find out This And cognisance Me Smilien In My Face But Chu very Wanna Kill Me Any one of you niggas' wanna get many i got approximately Any one of you niggas' wanna get whatever i got several diminutive Ass Boy You Gone get a line This And Feel Me Smilien In My aspect But Chu truly Wanna Kill Me Any one of you niggas' wanna get some i got some Any one of you niggas' wanna get whatsoever i got many [DJ Paul] Ohhwee it's gettin' hot up in location You mutha fucka's erudite some technique yet nigga I start this shit...changed the beat up [Verse 2: Lord Infamous] Get rearward from me nigga here go lord your fuckin' nemesis Back on your premisices, remember what I left on bitch You hoes can't take me, you can't unreal me You can't sort me, you can't natural event me, e'er shady, and I leaving yo weakass (?

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